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Inspired by classical Greek metopes and friezes, this collection of oil paintings is an ode to history and a contemporary allegory. Based on real artifacts, Brooke created a tromp l'oeil illusion of stone ravaged by time with oils on a cradled wood surface. There are four 48x72" oil paintings in this series, including a 18 foot- long triptych. 

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Wallowa Field. 5x7" oil on panel. $250

Haystack Coast. 5x7" oil on panel. $250

Lassen Summer. 5x7" oil on panel. $250


10x10" oil on panel. $350

Windy Day Rockaway

8x10" oil on wood panel. $350

Rockaway Waves

Framed 12x18" oil on panel. $650


Plum Blossom. 6x6" oil on panel. $200

Creamer. 7x5" oil on panel. $250

Vertebra. 6x6" oil on panel. $200



Pacific Sunset. 5x7" oil on panel. $250

June Bug. 5x7" oil on panel. $250

Summer Fires. 5x7" oil on panel. $250


Toyon. 8x8" oil on panel. $300

Copper Cup. 8x8" oil on panel. $300

Corked. 7x5" oil on panel. $250