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Brooke Walker-Knoblich

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American artist, b. 1982 in California. 8 years of early Waldorf education. 2001 began Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art at UCSD.  2003-2004 studied oil painting abroad in Paris France, copied masterpiece in Louvre Museum, studied figure drawing/painting with Kathy Burke. 2005 Earned BA and created first body of work. 2008 moved to Sacramento to launch career as a serious fine arts painter. 2010 attended summer course at the Florence Academy of Art with instructor Stephen Bauman. Attended workshops in California from notable artists Suchitra Bhosle, Michael Siegle, and Ruo Li. Participated in multiple painter's groups with Sacramento artists Earl Boley, Pat Mahony, Marcy Friedman, Boyd Gavin, Meech Miagi, Jian Wang, Debbie Gualco, and Terry Miura. 2016 moved to Portland Oregon as full-time artist. Independent, currently teaching private lessons and creating commissioned works/original paintings for collectors nationwide.


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