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Narrative Figure Paintings

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More Info

Davenport Landing. 30 x 40" oil painting on canvas. ©2014. 




Chianti Country. 32 x 50" oil painting on canvas. ©2014. Sold.




Self Portrait in Portland. 24 x 24" oil painting on canvas ©2016.




Painting is a reflection of life and the stories of our lives are deeply tied to both people and place. My narrative figure paintings are inspired by friends, family, and chance encounters. These large scale oil paintings are documentaries of real life moments and, much like real life, their stories are subtle. Using photographs for reference, I invoke the memories of these encounters over the dozens of hours it takes to complete these life-sized oil paintings.  This is an ongoing series that has new paintings added annually. 

Cacti Cortez. 36 x 36" oil painting on canvas ©2014.