Brooke Paints



The Brutal Robber Skiron. 24 x 30" oil painting on canvas. $3,000


Metopes & Friezes is a collection of large-scale figure paintings inspired by classical greek sculpture. Brooke Walker-Knoblich's new body of work is both an ode to history and a contemporary allegory. 

New Studio Works

Amazonomachy. 48 x 72" oil painting on cradled birch wood.

Left Panel of Triptych.


Heracles. 24 x 24" oil painting on canvas. $2,700


Work in Progress... 

Brooke Walker-Knoblich's new body of work will be unveiled June, 2017 in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. Receive an invitation to the show by signing-up here and/or see the Exhibits page for more information.


See the paintings in process on IG or live video streams on fb