Brooke Paints



Skiron's Fate. 24 x 30" oil painting on cradled birch wood. 


Heracles. 24 x 24" oil painting on cradled birch wood.


This collection of large-scale figure paintings is an ode to history and a contemporary allegory. Inspired by classical greek metopes and friezes, I use the ravages of time--literally represented through chips, cracks, and broken limbs--to symbolize the consequences to the human body when we glorify violence. All of these paintings are based on real historical artifacts, though I took artistic liberty in composition and color to exaggerate my desired effects. I amputated limbs, turned rust into blood, and exaggerated the surface textures with tromp l'oeil brushwork. These oil paintings look like real stone from a distance. It is only when you get close that the illusion becomes apparent.

Amazonomachy 2. 48 x 72" oil painting on cradled birch wood.



Amazonomachy 1. 48 x 72" oil painting on cradled birch wood.



Metopes & Friezes

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