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Alla Prima Portraits & Figures 

Woman's Torso
Woman's Torso 10x8" oil painting on panel. ©2015 Brooke Walker-Knoblich

Sovereign. 8 x 10" oil painting on canvas. $400




Alla prima (meaning at first attempt, in Italian) is an oil painting technique that uses wet-on-wet layers to create a painting in a single session. Most of my alla prima portrait and figure paintings are inspired by sessions with a live model. Painting from a live model creates an atmosphere teeming with potential. During a 3 hour session, a model will naturally relax and thoughts will fleetingly animate a face. This live encounter is flexible and dynamic. The time limit and movements of a reacting body gives these paintings a gestural quality quite different from my studio paintings.

Sri. 14 x 14" oil painting on canvas. $800




Youth. 8 x 10" oil painting on canvas. $400




Young Man with Pot. 14 x 1i" oil painting on canvas. $600




Woman in Fur 10 x 8" oil painting on canvas. $400




Onome. 10 x 8" oil painting on linen. $400




Kushinda. 20 x 16" oil painting on canvas. $800




Boots n' Braids. 10 x 8" oil painting on canvas. $400. SOLD





Sold Alla Prima Portraits & Figures