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Oscillations Between Realism and Impressionism


"I am drawn to the luminous, polished realism of the European Renaissance as well as the colorful, energetic brushwork of the Impressionists. Merging these two aesthetics in my own work has been the focus of my artistic life and career since 2003."


~Brooke Walker-Knoblich   

American painter, b. 1982. Classically trained in art from France and Italy with autodidactic studies in impressionism and plein air painting. Raised in Northern California and earned BA in Studio Art from UCSD. Emerging female artist. Original artworks fit within the Contemporary Realism and Narrative Figure Painting oeuvres.

About Brooke Walker-Knoblich

Photography ©2014 Kurt Edward Fishback 

Classical Realism

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The following timeline corresponds to the image graph below. Links lead to more paintings and stories.


2003: Atelier in Paris, France ~ Copied masterwork in the Louvre, studied drawing the human figureand experimented independently. 

2005: Studio Art at UCSD ~ Earned Bachelor of Arts Degree and began developing the first large body of work.

2009: Series in Sacramento ~ Created two locally themed bodies of work Responding to Rivers and the Streets of Midtown.

2010: Florence Academy of Art ~ Studied painting the figure in oils from a live model in Italy.

2011: Painting from Life ~ Playing with new subjects plein air landscapes and still lifes.

2012: Musicians of Midtown ~ Created a synesthetic experience with drawings and largescale oil paintings inspired by local musicians.

2013: Painters Groups ~ Weekly sessions with Earl Boley and the Mahony Group.

2014: Capital Artworks ~ Painting partner with Debbie Gualco.

2015: Workshops in California ~ Continued to hone skills by studying oil painting with contemporary master artists.

2016:  Portland, Oregon ~ Pursuing painting full time, accepting new students, and creating paintings on commission.